As someone with little to say about himself, the thought of writing a short biography for this website seemed a bit of a challenge. So I asked my wife, who fancies herself a writer, to write one for me and promised I’d publish whatever she came up with. This may not have been a great idea. Here is the very insightful profile she’s provided of me.


“Troy Harrison is an introvert who grew up in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee, and who then immediately fled for places with more wildlife and less strip malls. Troy spends his time racketing around the country pointing his camera at wildlife and sometimes landscapes before eventually coming home to sort through it all. While Troy will go anywhere for a photo, he likes to spend most of the spring photographing grizzlies in the mountain West and the winter in the Everglades photographing birds. Troy’s wife is pretty sure he is going to be eaten by a crocodile one of these days and he has two dogs who think he’s gone too much.”


If that doesn’t make you want to visit my galleries, then what could?